April 2019 – From the Pastor’s Desk

Happy Easter Month Everyone,
It is April and at the time of this writing, weather has been gorgeous! The snow is melting and we just might make it through without too
much flooding.  Blessings, prayers and Gods’ presence for those who have suffered consequences with Mother Nature.
We have a very full month in April, and I wanted to spend more time talking about some of the things happening, which really touches on our spiritual health and the atmosphere of our Faith Family. It is soon to be a full year of moving to one service and from listening to you, it sounds like a great majority of you feel the change has been successful and a great idea!
I have to agree and I gauge that success on the atmosphere which surrounds us every Sunday morning, the energy felt among us, the warm and the welcome our visitors have felt and shared, the care and concern we consistently share with each other and the smiles…that is only a small piece of the positives that have come along with all that is happening!
The life, death and resurrection of Jesus was really centered on this very thing. His walk with the people was to encourage care and concern for each other, He shared how to develop deep faith and taught us about how one day, we, too would return to God, just like Him. As we spend time together, we are embracing all Jesus wanted us to know and to be in the world. This gives us the energy and support to go and share God’s love all around today and everyday!
During this month, we are going to provide several opportunities for all of you to grow closer to Jesus and to really celebrate this being who gave us so much. I want to particularly point out that on Palm Sunday we are going to experience an important living Last Supper, where each of the men who have met our children will come to life once again during our worship service. We will be there during their last official moment together and experience what that must have been like. Please don’t miss it….
Following that service, we will continue the celebration of our children and hold our FUEL auction and ALIVE Hotdish Dinner….Full Day….but oh so important, especially in the life of our children and young people.
The next week, of course, is important as well, with all the Easter Activities and Worship. Our youth will share at 8 am, breakfast will be at 9, fun with kids after that and then our Easter Worship at 10:30am.
April is full for us, but its full for all kinds of good reasons…we are growing closer to Christ, our faith is continuing to grow deeper and things are taking on new meaning…..God is Good! We are truly living out all that God intends for his people and it is exciting….We pray we will see all of you during this holiday season….may you be blessed in ways yet to be discovered!