November 2018 – From the Pastor’s Desk…

So we’ve spent some time delving into the subject of Fellowship, one of the three areas which were chosen to focus on with the changes in church. It has been a wonderful and full time of discovering and getting to know what this time means for us…
Now it’s time to move into another area. We will focus the next few articles on the Message, the time we spend together in worship and within. If you haven’t noticed, we have entered a series focusing on the subject of bringing our Spirits to life and strengthening our faith. We have been doing this by beginning in the book of Genesis and really jumping in to the subject of who we are as humankind and how that affects every bit of our walk with God. It has been received well and I think we are learning and rediscovering some great things.
Adam and Eve teach us about choice and how we just aren’t satisfied being caretakers of God’s creation. It was (and still is) important to us to have a say and we have within us a desire to walk that way, a desire which brought conflict. How often does having to have a say touch our every day? As Adam and Eve walked in the garden, they made choices and had perceptions, they introduced patterns which follow us in our lives and impact who we are. Many of the people we read about tell us about who we really are in those early stories in God’s Word.
Maybe, though, the most important lesson thus far, is the message that we are all part of the same tree. God created us all to be image bearers of God, and sometimes this is something really hard to do in life.
Sometimes we can be Cain, sometimes we can be Abel, but in the midst of all of it God is always breaking through trying to bring out the goodness. God showed us this when God made Abraham a big promise. God promised Abram and Sarai they would be a blessing and that all families would be blessed through them. This is also the promise that brought us all into the same circle.
Certainly there is a lot more to this journey, but it is hoped that your Spirit is being moved through this time, that depth in faith is happening and you are understanding more about who you are in Christ. It has been good stuff this far and it will continue to poke you and encourage you to go deeper in understanding how becoming the Image Bearers that God calls all of us to be is why we are here!
Whew….God is Good!!

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