Have you heard about the voucher program? What is it?
The church has an opportunity to receive 5% back on every dollar spent when you use vouchers while shopping at Teal’s Food Center.
We try to sell vouchers between church services; as well, they are available during office hours at the church.
You may purchase them in $5, $10 or $20 amounts.
They work like cash and we receive a rebate of 5%.
We now average over $100 in rebates per month – it is like free money to the church.
The money we earn goes toward helping pay apportionments. This year we have earned enough to pay for more than on months’ in apportionments.
The one important thing to know – if you spend $9.89 and give them a $10 voucher, you will not receive change. You do not receive change!!! If you spend $12.45 -, you may pay with a $10 voucher and the remainder in cash.
This could be beneficial if you have a monthly budget for food. You could buy, for example, your $200 limit in vouchers and as the month goes on, you would know what you have left in your budget. If you have a charge account at Glen’s – it is easy to pay in vouchers. In addition, the church receives 5% back!!! We have used the voucher program for almost 2 years and the people that use it, love it.
Please try it. If you have trouble finding the time to purchase vouchers, please give Joyce a call at 507-283-8421 and she will work with you in order for you to use vouchers.
It is a great program for the church. They also make a wonderful gift for the ‘hard to buy for people in your life. We thank all those who currently use the vouchers and look forward to more people using them.