LiveStreaming Church Funds
Including Cameras, Computers for Sound booth upgrade
Covid-19 brought a whole new reality to our church.  Reaching our Faith Family by using more technology than we have in the past.  
An anonymous church angel donated an amazon webcam and equipment and we started live streaming with some free trials and lots of donated time.
The reality has become that the need for this type of ministry as well as some updates in our sound booth is becoming more important.
We obtained bids and found that it would take area vendors $13,000+ to do some amazing updates.  Our church is not in a position to invest at that level at this time.
What we can do is update within what we have and make some more economical choices.  This includes a streaming online membership.
We have received a grant through UMC for $1000 and we will continue to raise funds for the equipment needed to upgrade the system we have and utilize what resources we find available to create a better online service.
Please consider giving to this project!

Update Livestreaming Church Service

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