Ferbruary 2019 – From the Pastor’s Desk

Happy February! Look how close we are to Spring! I’m trying to be hopeful and forget what went on last year! How about you? Some of us will be reading this in warm climates….keep smiling!
So, as we continue to move forward in all things worship, we are focused on the idea of the message portion of our worship service. What if someone were to ask you about your feelings of God’s Word? What would your answer be, would you feel strongly about it? Does is play a part in your everyday life?
As we continue to move through the Bible on Sunday afternoon Bible Study, we continue to realize many things…one of which is, that just as much as we learn about what was happening to the people highlighted in the Bible, some of those moments and people can be verified in other historical documents. There are actually people who would say that the archaeological evidence behind this time in history and the writings available make the Bible one of the most verifiable and documented books from the ancient time.
The Bible is made up of 66 individual books, written on three separate continents. In more than one language over about 1500 years by over 40 authors, the Bible proves to be one of the most read, unified books that has ever been written. There are prophecies about its future; over one hundred, prophecies about Jesus, all of which have come true – except his coming back – and are very detailed.
There are those who read the words of this book and find peace, direction, hope and love. Certainly, there are parts of it that are hard to understand, but also parts that make more sense than we give it credit. It teaches us about prayer and life and our futures and so much more. It is life giving, transforming and important. When we share it in worship, we are bringing our faith to life in more ways than we know. When we learn from it, we plant a seed that God can use to walk with us in many ways every day, like making decisions!
Something we don’t think about a lot is that the Bible teaches us about God and His will for lives. God talks to us about the plans in place for us. We would come to know more deeply how much God loves us, as we are reminded about Jesus and his walk on Earth.
So, when we think about God’s Word, it becomes very apparent its purpose is very important and it makes a difference if it is a regular part of our daily lives.
This makes worship one of the most important things we do in life…..
Thank you Lord…and Praise be to God! AMEN!

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