July 2020 – From the Pastor’s Desk

To say that we are in strange times, in my opinion, is an understatement! Even as we attempt to move to business as usual, we are continually reminded that business is NOT as usual. The corona virus is causing all of us to rethink life in general and wonder as to what our future is going to look like. Many things are being redone, revamped, adjusted and even in some ways “discarded.”
In one sense, even though this is a major life challenge, it challenges us to think in depth about our relationship to our faith.
  • Have we spent the time evaluating who we are in Christ?
  • Do we feel we have a relationship with Christ?
  • Are we satisfied with the level of our faith and the way to which we live it out?
  • Has Christ been present during this crisis?
  • Is Christ present with me in my life, especially when I face challenges?
  • Would I like to go deeper, learn more, spend more time in my faith, building my faith relationships.
  • Would I like to know more about Jesus?
  • Is this time causing me to want more deeper knowledge?
The leaders of our faith family have been in conversations continually about the ways we move through this time. We have also talked about and are developing thoughts and ideas as to what we can do to build on our strengths, while also taking into consideration our weaknesses and the needs we have, and will have moving forward. Please stay tuned…and share what is on your
mind, suggestions, and guidance as you feel lead.
We will continue offering worship as we have…using Facebook, the radio broadcasts, cable television, posting videos on YouTube and in our sanctuary.We have taken several precautions to eliminate as many Touch points as we can; every other pew is taped off, 6 foot spaces are marked between family units, offering tables are set up, sanitizer and face masks are available, doors are held open, pew bibles and hymnals are removed. We greet each other by waving and we end the service simply….no hugs…at least physical ones. We do everything we can to be safe according to CDC guidelines. Having said that….it is still your decision to move through this time of COVID – 19 the way YOU FEEL the safest to do so. There will be no judgement nor disappointment to any of the ways you choose to care for you.
Please know this! God is in charge and we trust God will bring us through this the way God desires to do so. We ask only that you continue to support your faith family in your witness, your prayers, your gifts, your service and your presence. There are many ways to live this out…

Be blessed!