June 2024 – From the Trustees

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To all Church members and friends:
This letter comes to you from the Trustees. Building physical needs and up keep issues come to this committee for consideration and action.
Our summer rains, heavy snowfalls and ice have created church structure issues ranging from ceiling leaks, loose and fallen down spouts, and most recently the upheaval of the sanctuary roof on the east and west sides. The roof over the pastor’s office is leaking. The banner room ceiling needs attention due to the damaged roof surrounding the three crosses. These matters require immediate action. A Sioux Falls roofing and sheet metal business has been contacted and an assessment of the roof received. The existing sanctuary roof system needs to be replaced down to the substrate. Materials, labor and taxes for repair are estimated to be $78,630.
In addition to the roof, we are needing to replace the original two sewage pumps (55 years old). The temporary fixes will not work anymore. Estimated sewage pump replacement will be $9,000.
We need your help to make these critical repairs. We would like to pay for as much of this project as we can upfront and keep our borrowing to a minimum. Estimated total cost $87,639.
We are asking our church family and friends to gift what you can. This is a large beautiful church that has its drawbacks and challenges. We need to maintain pride in its appearance and function. We are asking you to gift to this accomplishment. Checks can be written to UMC Trustees…(building repair). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of our Trustees or the office. Thank you for your help.
The Trustees