Meet Pastor Dorie Hall

The first Bible verse I ever learned, which was in my early twenties, was “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and mighty things you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3.
WOW! Did that change my life…..Many people talk about a calling on their life which leads to ministry, how they answered the voice, and it’s funny, I heard the voice, but I didn’t know who it was. I was not blessed to have grown up in a church, nor did I really know anything about Jesus, and so not only did I not know the voice, but wasn’t sure if it even meant anything to me. Many years later and a dramatic experience on my knees opened my ears to the voice of Jesus telling me how much he loved me. That was amazing! And it has lead to a calling focused on helping others see how Jesus loves them more than anything and how he really wants to have a relationship with you!
As I lead this church, I do so with the thought that we are in this together. That being a part of a faith family is about caring for each other, loving, encouraging, supporting each other and doing the same in the world with the people we are surrounded by. People learn about Jesus through the people who follow Jesus. And we can accomplish anything with his love, as long as we surround ourselves and each other and ground all we hope for and what we do in that love.
My favorite Bible verse today is, “All things are possible in him who believes,” Mark 9:23. And that is the truth! I am married to a wonderful man named Luther. We have two sons, Nelson who is married to Megan and lives by Windom, and Brady, who lives in Lakefield. We also have four wonderful joys in life and they are Zoey,  Ziggy, Hazel, and Nellie. I think “nuff said,” after that, right? It doesn’t get any better than grandchildren! We are also filled with this amazing joy to serve God. So much so, we pray everyone could know such joy! And that is our commitment, presently to the Luverne UMC and all the people we come into contact with every day! Be Blessed!