June 2019 – From the Pastor’s Desk

Happy June, everyone!
So, it seems like the world around us is out of whack, doesn’t it?  People aren’t making a lot of sense, there’s unrest, things aren’t as they are supposed to be…For lack of a better way to say it, I suppose!  We are learning that for the disciples, to go back to life as normal was far from possible!
This “We Make the Road by Walking” study we’ve been in the middle of currently, has us walking with the disciples in the weeks, months, years after his death….and encouraging us to join them in the Uprising!
Remember, uprising means revolt, rebellion, mutiny, the disruption of the status quo…and if that doesn’t describe what is happening in the world after Jesus was crucified, I don’t know what does! The disciples were charged with the building of God’s Church, of feeding his sheep, of filling the atmosphere with love and peace and the Holy Spirit. We are listening to messages of worship, discipleship, fellowship, partnership, stewardship and all the ways to be the Body of Christ, of bringing Christ back to life.
Some might say in this world right now, we need to get something started; just as the disciples were moved to do a couple of thousand years ago. That something, as we are hearing, starts with each of us, right now, in the same way it began with the disciples. Scripture teaches us that it began with that handful of men and women and it grew…the more they shared the message, the more they grew in numbers and in strength, and the stronger the message became…
Uprising seems the perfect word. The knowledge that it begins with us is a fitting message. It isn’t surprising, is it, that the world needs more love and care and Jesus? And wouldn’t it seem to be logical that we would be the ones destined to bring the message?
But surely you jest, Pastor Dorie!
I promise you, dear Christians, surely, I do not. The world needs Jesus! And as the disciples teach us, we are reminded how important our role in the world has become! It’s time to deepen our faith, to be bold in faith! it’s time to build relationships and family, to strengthen our ability to witness, to understand the significance of fellowship with each other and to understand how God’s teachings apply to our faith!
And it’s time to join the uprising and become the missionary in our own backyard who reaches out to all people, displaying and showing the love of Christ in ways we have not seen before!
How’s your Spirit….is it coming to life? Hope so, the world needs us….
                              Praise be to God…AMEN!