August 2019 – From the Pastor’s Desk

Greetings everyone,
We are swiftly moving through the summer and it has really been a special season! It has been busy and fun and filled with so many
We have had baptisms and special events and worship! Our time at The Lake was great! What a beautiful day!
At the end of June some of us traveled to Kentucky and took in the Ark Encounter! What an experience! It was great for several reasons! It’s size alone was awe inspiring! But after stepping inside…whoa…the lessons, the history, the depth to which it explained some of the science that went behind
it! And guys…there were dinosaurs on the ark!
Oh, I know, there is still this struggle to let yourself go there, isn’t there? But, I promise you, allow yourself to walk along the decks of The Ark, read the information, take it all in….and it’s hard to not see how we can validate much of the things we know that exist in the Bible…it is so great!
We saw displays which reflected just how much detail had to go into the building of this massive boat. It took Noah about 75 years and he not only built the ark, but he also studied animals and their habits, experimented with various ways of storage, ways of caring for animals, how do you bring light into the ark, provide for waste, etc. Noah’s wife and the other wives offered diversity in several ways, including bringing a mixture of DNA to the world following the flood.
Which one of our attendees finds very interesting as we all have DNA of the different ethnicities in our bodies, meaning we need not argue about racism as we are all of the same race…interesting thought, isn’t it. We read details about how science theories vary on the age of the earth, in reference to fossils and the different ways we view the layers….how the Tower of Babel caused us to view each other as different, but yet the same….it really does go on and on…..
We didn’t get to spend half the amount of time we could have there.. It was awesome! I will go back there again! And I will get more information in a way we can share some of this with all of you! But the highlight, we continued to bond as a faith family and realize the significance and depth it brings to what we do and who we are! We will continue to plan more events such as these and pray that you will feel lead to join us in this special time together. In fact, we are already at work planning our next gathering!
Most importantly, Jesus is our Lord and Savior! And he wants to walk with us in this path of life and help us understand just how much he loves us! I encourage you to talk with those who went along and hear from them the impact that was made on each of them…they all have special things that touched them!
As we continue to move forward and surround ourselves with the Spirit for nourishment and guidance, I pray all of you will come to know more deeply this Savior who strives to walk with you. I also pray you will be touched through the growth and love of our faith family.